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About Dr. Praveen Kumar

A Dentist in Noida and has an experience of 21 years in this field.

Dr. Praveen Kumar is a distinguished professional who holds a Master’s Degree in Dental Surgery from Meerut University, specializing in Endodontics & Conservative Dentistry. With over 21 years of extensive experience, he is renowned for his expertise in Rotary Endodontics and the restoration of compromised occlusion.


His remarkable career includes the successful placement of over 15,000 dental implants, demonstrating his proficiency and commitment to delivering top-tier dental care. 

Furthermore, Dr. Kumar has pursued advanced education, earning an MBA in Health Care Administration from the esteemed Faculty of Management Studies at Delhi University.


As an esteemed advisor to several corporate hospitals, Dr. Kumar contributes his wealth of knowledge and expertise to the broader healthcare community. His areas of specialization encompass a wide range of dental procedures, including dental implant surgery, bone augmentation, single sitting rotary endodontics, smile correction, and full mouth rehabilitation.

Dr. Praveen Kumar’s dedication to excellence and passion for patient care make him a trusted authority in the field of dentistry, valued by both colleagues and patients alike.

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