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Care Redefined is the best team of MDS specialist in India, Provide services related to the dental treatment and Hospital Planning & Designing.

    Dr. Praveen Kumar

    Dr. Praveen Kumar is a distinguished professional who holds a Master’s Degree in Dental Surgery from Meerut University, specializing in Endodontics & Conservative Dentistry. With over 21 years of extensive experience, he is renowned for his expertise in Rotary Endodontics and the restoration of compromised occlusion. His remarkable career includes the successful placement of over 15,000 dental implants, demonstrating his proficiency and commitment to delivering top-tier dental care.

    Schedule regular dental checkups to proactively care for your oral health. Your dentist is your partner in maintaining a radiant smile and ensuring a lifetime of strong, healthy teeth.

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    About Some Whitening Options

    Laser Whitening

    Transform your smile with Laser Whitening at Care Redefined Dental Clinic.

    Whitening With Tray

    The trays are designed to reach every contour of your teeth,

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    Dr. Tanvi Beri

    MDS Oral Medicine & Radiology

    Dr. Akanksha

    BDS, MDS (Pedodontics)

    Dr. Apoorva Sahajwani

    BDS, MDS (Prosthodontics)

    Dr. Praveen Kumar

    Endodontist & Implantologist

    Dr. Athreya Rajgopala

    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

    Dr. Anuj Aggarwal

    Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon & Implantologist

    Dr. Anuj Shankar Tiwari

    Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

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    Most Common Asked Dental Questions

    In a word, yes. However, products like whitening toothpaste tend to only remove light surface staining. For best results, consider professional teeth whitening supervised or carried out by your dentist. Chair-side teeth whitening, for example, can deliver quick results in just one visit – although the degree of whiteness achieved will vary from person to person. Alternatively, for an instant smile transformation, you may want to consider porcelain veneers. This cosmetic dental treatment is designed to cover problem teeth using thin shells of hard-wearing and lifelike dental porcelain.

    Regular dental cleanings are crucial for maintaining good oral health. The American Dental Association recommends visiting your dentist for a professional cleaning at least twice a year.

    Factors influencing cleaning frequency include:

    1. Dental Health Status: Individuals with certain dental issues may require more frequent cleanings. Your dentist will assess your oral health and recommend a suitable schedule.

    2. Gum Health: Those with gum disease may need more frequent cleanings to manage and control the condition effectively.

    3. Lifestyle Habits: Smokers, pregnant individuals, or those with a history of cavities may benefit from more frequent cleanings.

    Curious about dental fillings? A dental filling is a common restorative procedure used to repair minor tooth damage, such as cavities or small fractures. During the process, the damaged portion of the tooth is carefully removed, and the resulting space is filled with a durable, tooth-colored material. Dental fillings not only restore the tooth’s structure but also prevent further decay. If you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity, pain, or notice visible damage, it’s crucial to consult with our experienced dental professionals. Early detection and prompt filling can often prevent the need for more extensive treatments. Discover if a dental filling is the right solution for you by scheduling a consultation with our skilled team at Care Redefine.

    If you find yourself dealing with a cracked or broken tooth, prompt action is crucial to preserve your oral health. At Care Redefined, we understand the urgency of such situations. First and foremost, contact our experienced dental team immediately at +91 8810478826 to schedule an emergency appointment. In the meantime, gently rinse your mouth with warm water and place a cold compress on the affected area to minimize swelling. Avoid applying any pain relievers directly to the tooth. Our skilled dentists will assess the extent of the damage and recommend the most suitable course of action, ensuring a swift and effective resolution to your dental concern. Your well-being is our priority, and we are here to provide the prompt and expert care you need for a speedy recovery.

    Over 80,000+ Patients Trust Us

    Ready every minute of every day to treat even the most serious injuries when they come through the door. And a Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, caring for the tiniest and sickest newborns – and giving them a chance not just to live, but to live normal, productive, happy lives.

    Latest Reviews

    Tushar SinhaTushar Sinha
    10:30 12 Oct 23
    Had consultations with Dr Ananta Singh and Dr Pallavi. Both were professional and clearly explained all the issues I had. Would definitely come back for my next check-up.
    Sumit ChauhanSumit Chauhan
    10:33 25 Sep 23
    I love my new smile!!Dr Ananta you did a great job.I recently got some previous photos back and now -I was amazed to see the difference in me while smiling.A big thank you to you for fixing and filling my teeth.Thank you for you careful work and very kind doctor.Dr Praveen gave me your reference and I am happy from both of you and I recommend everyone to visit once for great and perfect smile.
    Reshma SinghReshma Singh
    07:13 20 Jul 23
    Had good experience. I fully satisfied with my smile correction treatment.Ananta Mam is very sweet and caring, she did treatment very well and always ready for my query and issues. She is so humble. I will recommend everyone to do visit to Ananta Mam for smile correction treatment.Thanku so much fortis dental team for wonder experience .
    Shyam SaraswatShyam Saraswat
    09:23 07 Jul 23
    I got treatment from Dr Shreya and found that she is cleanically outstanding doctor. In person also she is very cooperative so I rate her 5 out of 5.I would recommend her for all dental related treatments.Shyam saraswat
    Brijesh NayakBrijesh Nayak
    11:04 03 Jul 23
    Shyam MittalShyam Mittal
    07:27 08 Jun 23
    Today I visited Dental OPD of Fortis hospital Noida. I was attended by Dr Pallavi. She is truly professional doctor having expert knowledge of her job. She did my dental checkup and scaling of my teeth in truly professional manner. She has a very soft hand sweet voice. Excellent job done.
    Iyyerparameswaran PIyyerparameswaran P
    05:21 14 Feb 23
    Was a hassle free experience getting my root canal done at the clinic. It was a painless process and done very professionally.The doctors and staff have been very cooperative. Highly recommended to anyone looking for best root canal treatment in Noida.
    Richa RathoreRicha Rathore
    11:48 30 Jan 24
    Painless treatment and Excellent staff..
    Monika SMonika S
    12:13 19 Jan 24
    Dr. Praveen and his team were both highly skilled and efficient. And especially Dr. Richa and Dr. Bhavika, who treated me, were both very understanding and polite. And also the guy outside, who was mostly responsible for taking the X-rays and helping the doctors, was also very helpful. I really appreciate the way they handled my treatment and would highly recommend them.
    Pooja SinghPooja Singh
    04:58 18 Jan 24
    We have known dr Praveen for years now and he takes excellent care of all our family members. He has a habit of going into the minutest detail to the fullest satisfaction of the patient. Highly experienced and an outstanding human being, he is adept in all sorts of dental issues-big or small. I would anytime recommend him to anyone with dental problems
    Varsha RayVarsha Ray
    10:49 01 Apr 23
    Dr. Vaishali is the best.. She was so gentle and calm throughout the whole process. I didn’t even feel any sensation, any pain in the process. I would highly recommend her.
    Sheetal VijSheetal Vij
    02:48 05 Feb 23
    Great work
    No doubt Dr Praveen kumar is the best Dentist in Northern India.He has a vide experience ie more than 22 yrs in Dental surgery, RCT, implant etc. Moreover He is a doctor indeed having full of huminity,kind and sweet nature. Being a super senior citizens, I wd like to add that he is a gift Of GOD for patents, may be rich or poorest. May Lord Srikrishna bless him a long long life full of sound health and happiness to serve the humanity.
    Gaurav bhaleraoGaurav bhalerao
    07:46 30 Dec 22
    Really Nice Experience with Dr. PraveenHighly Recommended to everyone for Dental Implants Treatment in Noida. He has friendly nature & do his job perfectly. I have visited him twice both the time his work satisfied me .Keeping Growing 👍👍
    Santosh chavanSantosh chavan
    07:46 30 Dec 22
    We are pleased to recommend Dr Praveen for braces . Believe his words and you will get better than expected .My daughter got ceramic braces treatment ,finished in 9 months. Hygienic set up in mid of city ,no waiting time as his receptionist manages his patients exactly on time.

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